Corsica Lirica: testimonials.

Candidates share their past experience during the competition.


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My name is Lisa Chaib Auriol, Corsica Lirica "Young Hope" award, 2021.

The "Corsa Lirica" competition allowed me to test a competition program (and discover the Corsican repertoire) in ideal conditions, as well as to meet future colleagues, who sometimes became friends.

The exciting career news: I have just been admitted to the Paris Opera Academy where I will sing in 2023!

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My name is Valeria Delme, finalist, 2022.

I was admitted to "Corsica Lirica" at a time when I had made the difficult decision to leave my regular job to devote myself to a career as a soloist.

Thanks to this competition I gained visibility and, above all, confidence in my vocal instrument, and in myself. Reaching the final round of the competition alongside with very talented singers from all over the world, for my very first competition, paved the way for the future I dreamed of.

Moreover, the jury was not what I expected: they were careful and supportive. I never really felt "judged" during the performance which I sincerely believe is the result from the positive energy of the jury. They followed us after the final round, providing each one of us with constructive personalized comments. Thanks to this step I discovered a wonderful vocal technique teacher who over the past 4 months now, has also changed my life! Today I am confident of having the career I have always dreamed of, a career that began with "Corsica Lirica" in 2022.

I will always cherish this competition in my heart.

Also, Katerina and David were wonderful and welcoming with everyone. We immediately appreciated all the love and the efforts that they were able to deploy - together with the organization and their partners - to provide us, the participating singers, with a fair opportunity to succeed in this difficult and magnificent profession.

Finally, as already steted in the follow-up messages, it seems to me that I now belong to a supportive family, including all the candidates, who are also wonderful human beings.

I only have beautiful memories from this experience.

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My name is Ines Duvillier, semi-finalist, 2021.

Today, my artist's name is "Maïna-Lunika". In 2022, I released my first single "Confined Heart" available on all musical platforms. Even if this is not opera, the lyrical technique was the basis for this song, for which I am the author and the composer.

I had a great time with the entire Corsica Lirica team in 2021 and I also kept in touch with a large number of participants.

Thank you very much for these beautiful moments and this great experience in Corsica!

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My name is David Goldberg, first prize winner, 2022.

The competition was very difficult and demanding, due to the presence of talented singers, from all over the world: I am absolutely honored to have been rewarded the first prize.

I also would like to thank the judges Riitta Ahonen, Margherita Rotondi, Katerina Kovanji, Jean Paul Grisoni and Jean Delescluse.

In particular, I would like to thank David Aidan and his wife Katerina Kovanji who, together with the entire organization and their partners, have worked hard to make "Corsica Lirica" possible.

I will always remember the great privilege of having participated in the competition and I will cherish it, because it made possible a significant advance for my career.


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My name is Kyeyoung Kim, first prize laureate, 2022.

After the competition, I gained a lot of self-confidence which gave me the opportunity to make important progress. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but it happened right after it...

Since then, I have also been a laureate at the Macon Competition, and had the opportunity to audition for the "Paris Ensemble", and perform concerts in Korea and elsewhere.

The "Corsica Lirica" competition was special for me. Everyone was very kind, with a warm heart. (important in our culture). I already miss this beautiful island.

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My name is Joan Lainez, second prize laureate, 2021.

Starting in the World of Lyrics at my age is not easy, as there are many goodvoices and younger people than myself.
That is where you have to be proving your worth, the type of voice of oneself, the repertoire which can make or even perfection in reading, analysis of the work and in interpretation.
Participating in the first edition of "Corsica Lírica" was the greatest opportunity of my life. During that contest I met many active singers, witgh whom I still maintain contact. But, above all, it gave me the opportunity to make my voice known to an international jury.
My interpretation, my voice liked and I managed to win 3 awards on that fantastic night. The prestigious Corsica Lírica awarded by the organization, the prize of performing a concert in Mola di Bari at the Palazo Pesche and the second prize of the competition, shared with wonderful soprano, Lauren Paternó.
From that moment everything began to change, more opportunities when it comes to presenting myself to auditions to theaters and to be able to participate in different productions, recitals that have also made me known a little more not only in Spain, also in Italy and above all to be able to proudly show my results in the Corsica Lírica when delivering my CV in festivals, Competitions and productions.
A contest that I encourage all who have the opportunity to participate, the island is wonderful,
the environment incredible and the organization spectacular.
Thanks to Corsica Lírica for that!

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My name is Barbara Massaro, first prize laureate, 2021.

I have a wonderful memory of my participation in the "Corsica Lirica" Competition. I was surprised by the kindness, the warm welcome and the professionalism that I found there. Even if it was the first edition, it brought together a panel of high personalities from the world of opera.

This is the reason why I decided to participate in the Contest. The obtaining of the first prize was totally unexpected because the finalists were of a very high level, both among women and men. Winning the award meant a personal achievement as well as new opportunities: thanks to "Corsica Lirica". In addition, I was invited by Margherita Rotondi during a concert in the magnificent Palazzo Pesce, in Mola di Bari.

"Corsica Lirica" was my first victory in a competition, after the pandemic.

This great success has strongly motivated me, making me continue with passion, motivation and love in this wonderful profession.

I recommend this competition where you will meet people who are interested in the true qualities of the participants, with the objective of discovering talented and gifted Young singers.

In a few weeks, I will travel to Venice for my debut in October as Melia in "Apollo and Hyacinthus". I am so happy to sing a new Mozart role in one of the most beautiful theaters in Italy!

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My name is Dr. Aseel Massoud, winner of the "Corsica Lirica" prize, 2022.

Corsica lirica has been one of the most incredible experiences I have had as a soprano.

It was an opportunity to meet great international opera singers in an island that looks like a piece of paradise. The hospitality of the organizers, their generosity and their warm welcome, attentive to all the details of rehearsals, transport, accommodation and personal communication in all friendliness, made the difference: professionalism without stress.

As the winner of the "Corsica Lírica" award for singing in the Corsican language of an original work, it was an honor that will always be part of me. The challenge of learning with the tutorials provided by the organizers made things much simpler and above all allowed us to connect with the work.

Besides the wonderful adventure, we had the opportunity to meet with friends and family who came to support my performances and to discover Corsica as well.

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My name is Brianna Murray, winner of the third prize and the special prize "Giudici Confitures", 2022.

"Corsica Lirica" was an incredible experience that helped me develop as a singer and establish connections around the world.

The individualized comments of the judges led to specific ways to improve my repertoire for the European auditions, because I had only had experience in the United States until then.

After the competition, I felt better prepared to apply to the European young artists programs and I managed to win several auditions. I also met wonderful international singers and I was able to enjoy the beauty of Corsica at an affordable price, which I probably would never have been able to achieve otherwise.


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My name is Ioana Constantin Pipelea, second prize winner in 2022.

I had a wonderful time participating in Corsica Lirica International Singing Competition. The fact that the competition is set in a beautiful environment took some of the stress away that normally a singer would have in a competition and made it more relaxed and enjoyable. I have received very good feedback from the jury members and I am grateful for awarding me the 2nd prize. I encourage and hope that many opera singers will participate in this fantastic competition. All my appreciation to David Aidan and Katerina Kovanji for their professionalism on organising this competition.

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My name is Ana Paula Rada, winner of the "Young Hope, PieRoPtiQue" and "Corsica Lirica" awards, 2022.

The audience of "Corsica Lirica" and its welcome brought a lot of joy to my heart.

I felt that my performances were greeted with a vibrant energy, which really increased my self-confidence.

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My name is Walda Wilson, winner of the special prize "Stretta agency", 2021.

I had a wonderful time during the inaugural edition of the singing competition "Corsica Lirica".

Since last September, I made my debut as "Alcina", sang in "Die Walkuere" for the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen, and played the role of "Eurydice" with the New Tokyo National Opera in Gluck's "Orfeo ed Euridice", which will be available for streaming on OperaVision from October this year: .